The 5 Best No WiFi Games

Our phone is the perfect escape from boredom, however, the problem is that usually is that many apps require Wi-Fi to operate. There are many situations where you can be bored, however, you may not always have internet access. The clock can be really slow at these times. So, whether it’s waiting to submit your application or extra time on the subway, these 5 games are sure to save you from the depths of boredom. The best part is they don’t need Wi-Fi, so you will be able to enjoy them even when there is no network coverage.


No WiFi Games4 pics 1 word

This is a great app to challenge your brain. It gives four entirely different pics that portray one word which you have to guess. It is pretty interesting and challenges your common sense. A great way to spend that leisure time for sure. Initially, it is easy, however, as you progress it gets harder. Don’t worry, though, the answer is lying in front of your very nose.



DuetNo WiFi Games

This is a fun synchronization game that you can even play with one hand. It has a blue ball and a red ball that moves synchronously. Your job is to move them through the many obstacles, making sure that none of them touch. It can get pretty challenging, but it is really addictive as well. You will love to be the savior of these balls through multiple levels.


No WiFi Games


This is a strategy based game, where you have to create the worst infection that will create the worst plague, infecting the most people. It can get pretty interesting, and will always keep you coming back for more. Take up the role of the evil scientist and invent the worst infection that will take over the world!


Unblock meNo WiFi Games

Another great puzzle to quiz your mind, unblock me has a number of tiles. You have to sort them by sliding to try and move the red block to the exit. It makes you think over every move and can really boost your mind and thinking power. Use your time constructively and slide through the many levels of this interesting game.

Doodle jump

No WiFi Games



One of our favorite pass times, doodle jump is basically a cute alien who keeps jumping to go as high as he can. You have to protect him by killing off his enemies and guiding him to the right steps. It can get really fast and frantic; however, the game is very addictive and fun to play and will consume your boredom in an instant.




So, whenever you are bored you know what to do. Just keep these interesting games on your phone at all times. They are a great way to kill time, even when you don’t have Wi-Fi. We are really enchanted by the likability of these games and the great thing is that most of them are free. So, convert your boredom into entertainment and play away on your smartphone whenever you feel like it. It doesn’t matter whether you have the internet or not!

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