5 Best Free Toddler Apps

Once you have a toddler, you know that your smartphone isn’t yours anymore. Technology has gripped generations and children as young as 2 years are interested in twiddling a smartphone. So, what can you have on your phone that is entertaining for a toddler? On the contrary, what can you have on your phone that is actually beneficial for your toddler? Why waste precious time when you can start building your child’s brain at such an early age. It’s never too early to start learning. So, here are 5 free toddler apps that are sure to give your toddler a fun and learning experience.

Free Toddler Apps

YouTube kids

The adult YouTube isn’t safe for kids. We all know that one thing can lead to another and your child may end up in a section that you wouldn’t want them to see, at least at such a young age. Hence, a safe way out of this is YouTube kids, which displays only a selection of kid-friendly channels. It also has a voice-enabled search that can help your toddler search for their favorite shows even when they don’t know how to write. They can really enhance the Vocal ability of their child, their vocabulary and speech power and can also help them learn a number of things like poems, alphabets, and counting. To download Youtube kids Click Here

Laugh and learn: shapes and colors Free Toddler Apps

This app allows your kids to familiarize with the many shapes. It’s a great way to keep your toddler entertained. They press on a shape and it disappears to display a new one with a fun sound. You can also take part in this app by helping the child learn the different names which, can prove as a great learning tool. Click Here to download Laugh and learn: shapes and colors

Storybook rhymes

This great app includes some of the classic rhymes that every child should learn. It also has a great animated story to go with the rhyme which makes it all more interesting. It also has an interactive screen which plays different sound effects as your child touches it. It’s a great app to learn the nursery rhymes and a great entertainment for your toddler. To download Storybook rhymes Click Here


Toddler Soundboard Free: ABC, 123, Colors and Shapes Free Toddler Apps

This is a simple app with colorful displays of numbers, letters, colors and shapes. As you touch any object, it sounds its name. It’s a great way to learn the alphabets and all the shapes. Your toddler can familiarize with all the different things so that it becomes much easier for them to learn new names. It can also work as a great learning tool for times when you attempt to teach your toddler something informative. Click Here to download Toddler Soundboard Free: ABC, 123, Colors and Shapes

Free Toddler Apps

Wheels on the bus, all in one educational activity center

This is a sing along to the traditional rhyme which makes it a wonderful way or our child to learn the classic rhymes. It also has a number of free activities that your child can play and learn at the same time. It’s great when you realize how many activities are available for free. Altogether, it’s a wonderful free app to have for your toddler. To download Wheels on the bus, all in one educational activity center Click Here .

All in all, those moments when you just have to give your phone to your toddler can be converted into something fun. Download these apps today to make learning easier for your child. They will keep him busy and will also contribute to his learning experience. A great deal if you ask us!




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  1. My 11 month old loves those apps!!
    thank you.

    Suggestion: please put links of apps in here so we can directly get them.

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