5 Best Toddler Apps

Technology is moving at a very rapid pace and more and more generations are being involved with high tech. Even children want everything to do with technology. Children copy their parents and with the level of exposure they get, it’s only natural that children will want their mother or father’s phone. The want is so bad that toddlers often cry if they are refused. So, what can you do to make this tantrum into a safe and learning experience? You can always install some great apps for your child. Here are 5 best toddler apps that are sure to make your smartphone a learning experience for your child.

PicsArt Kids

Pics Art Kids best toddler Apps

A great doodling app for toddlers. Enhance the artist of your child with this app while he enjoys your smartphone. The app comes with a coloring book and dozens of templates as well as a blank canvas for your toddler to color in or doodle as he likes. It’s incredibly easy, with a number of easy brush tools and colors, allowing your child to understand the app with ease.


Dip dap

best toddler Apps Dip Dap

Is another great drawing app for kids? It also strikes up the imagination of your child. Plus, you can interact with your toddler as he draws in the missing peace in an animation. It is a really fun and constructive way to spend time with your toddler. You can save the drawings to share with your family also, a great way to mark the milestones of your child.

Avokiddo emotions

Avokiddo Emotions best toddler Apps

This is a great app that improves your child’s understanding. It has a number of cartoon animals that your child interacts with and helps. Is the sheep sad or the giraffe in a bad mood? What can he do to cheer the, up? There are a number of props, including food, toys, clothes and much more that your child can use to create happiness. It really is a fun app hat your child will enjoy a lot.


Endless alphabet

Endless Alphabet best toddler Apps

Fun and games to one side, you will always want your child to learn new things. A great way to get to them is a fun game that will teach them all the letters and even the words without the, realizing that they are actually working. Children are given words to put back together and when they do it correctly a short, cheerful animation explains the word to them which improves their spellings and knowledge.

Duckie deck collection

Duckie Deck best toddler Apps

These are basically six mini games specially made for toddlers. Each game aims at a particular habit of your child and improves it. From signifying the importance of pet care by their feed zoo animals game to tidiness with their tidying up the room game, the collection really helps lay down some basic fundamentals in your child.


All these apps are great ways to keep your toddler engaged in a constructive manner. Giving your phone to your child should be a complete waste of time. Download these special apps and keep them in a folder so that your child knows that they are meant for him and can enjoy his time with technology in a fun and learning manner. So, which ones are you going to download for your toddler?


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