Best Preschool Apps

The 5 Best Preschool Apps

Preschool is a transitioning time for your child. The basic foundations and years of education start here. If these founding years are laid down right, the rest of the journey can be helped a lot. However, preschoolers are also very obstinate and won’t just study or learn when you ask them to. So, how can you get to them? A great way to make learning fun is by games. Involve your child in certain games that enhance his learning skills in an entertaining way. This will make it more pleasing for your child and he may even want to learn that specific game instead of running away from it. So, here are some great apps that every preschooler’s parent should have in their phone to make the learning process much more fun.

AlphaTots alphabet

AlphaTots Alphabet

Where ABCs can be pretty easy for some children, others can have difficulty in remembering the right sequence. This great app allows toddlers to learn their alphabet by making robots or by digging for treasure or even by zapping aliens. This is coupled with action verbs that guide your preschooler through the different sounds and letters, proving to be a great, interactive learning experience.


Peg + Cat Big Gig

Peg + Cat Big Gig

Math can be pretty tough to learn yourself, but teaching it to a preschooler requires a whole other level of skill. A great way to help make the task easier is by this interesting math game. They won’t even know it and Peg and Cat will help them learn math through jolly singing sessions. Your children can learn to count, to repeat patterns and do some easy math just by using the app. Wish it was that easy for you too, right?




This is a great animal safari game which aims to improve concentration and memory of your preschoolers. There are 30 animals that he has to match. Along with this, he also gets to learn 30 new animals. It’s just like good old flip cards, except that you don’t have to worry about losing the cards.


Monkey preschool lunchbox


The app introduces our child t different letters, different shapes, colors, and patterns. It’s a great way to get your preschooler’s knowledge jump started. Let your child learn by helping the monkey organize his lunch, match cards and solve puzzles. It’s a great way to make school seem more appealing and your child will always look forward to what you put in his lunch box as well!

Preschool arcade

Preschool Arcade

Introduce your child to a fun world of ABC invasion, Claw crane matching and Pinball 123 where he learns to recognize alphabets, counting and improves his problem-solving ability. It’s a great way to make learning fun and your child will certainly enjoy going through all the different puzzles while learning so much on the way.


Preschool can be a rough time for a child. However, it’s even more troubling for the parent. Getting basic learning concepts into an infant’s head can be tough. This is why these apps are sure to help you drive home the concept. Plus, you wouldn’t have to persuade them to do so.  Preschoolers will actually want to play these apps and will learn a lot of new things with minimal effort!


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